Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alert pop up windows in SharePoint site

I found following JavaScript (obviously on internet, I am not a core developer) and placed it in CEWP on above mentioned site. In fact I did little changes in code to get required pop up with message and to display it once when page load first time in new window.

<script language='JavaScript'>
var alertmessage="This is the test popup"
//Alert only once per browser session (0=no, 1=yes)
var once_per_session=0
function get_cookie(Name) {
var search = Name + "="
var returnvalue = "";
if (document.cookie.length > 0) {
offset = document.cookie.indexOf(search)
if (offset != -1) { // if cookie exists
offset += search.length
// set index of beginning of value
end = document.cookie.indexOf(";", offset);
// set index of end of cookie value
if (end == -1)
end = document.cookie.length;
returnvalue=unescape(document.cookie.substring(offset, end))
return returnvalue;
function alertornot(){
if (get_cookie('alerted')==''){
function loadalert(){
if (once_per_session==0)
To display a particular message on the popup we have to replaced “This is the test popup” lines highlighted in script, and to change popup display per session we have to change variable to “0” or “1” (please refer highlighted “var once_per_session=0”)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Incompatible Security Setting’ error occurred in Office communicator while calling

Incompatible Security Setting’ error occurred in Office communicator while calling.

 I came across ‘Incompatible Security Setting’ issue; there are many people which are affected regarding this issue.

Already verified configuration the VoIP security setting in the properties of the Unified Messaging Dial Plan to use ‘Secured’. It is set as Secured.

After checking all configuration, look over the Registry and found the "PC2PCAVEncryption" key is missing from users computer.

After adding above key rebooted computer and calling worked fine

Here are the steps to verify Registry and if any key missing then add the same:

1. Click on Start > RUN> type ‘regedit’ and say OK.

2. Expand and verify the following registry entries -






Thank you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TechNet Virtual Labs: System Center

Getting Started

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

    Microsoft Office

    Step into the Microsoft Office Virtual Labs for Free

    It's simple: no complex setup or installation is required to try out BizTalk Server running in the full-featured TechNet Virtual Lab. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks any time.

    Getting Started